Heath View Street, off South Parade, Halifax HX12LY

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Elite Strength & Conditioning

Brought to you by Rugby League Player Scott Grix

  • Experienced Coaching Team

    Over 15 years experience playing Rugby League at the very top & training a variety of people in different disciplines.

  • Central Location

    A stones throw from the Shay Stadium, walking distance from Halifax town centre.

  • Class based group exercise

    All levels of ability welcome to a range of strength & conditioning classes.

Train for YOU at YOUR level for YOUR goals

Our classes are varied and challenging, ranging from beginners functional fitness to our strength/power sessions and high intensity full body conditioning.

  • General classes

    No mirrors, no egos, just hard work.

  • Personal Training

    1-1, 2-1 and small groups.

  • Team Sessions

    Pre-season fitness, mid-season maintenance or off-season tick over.

  • Injury Rehabilitation

    Structured rehab on your injuries & niggles

Home of the Better Body Challenge

8 weeks – lifestyle changing challenge

  • 2 Sessions a week

    Split Strength & Conditioning

  • Nutritional Advice

    ‘Diet’ to stick to for the duration

  • Body Comps

    Via skin fold measurements

  • Constant Support

    From coaches & members

Session Types

  • Conditioning

    A variety of high intensity interval training. Tabata, EMOM’s, AMRAP’s etc.
    Full body, maximum effort exercise.

  • Strength

    Involves a range of exercises aimed at getting stronger & more powerful,
    including Olympic Lifts.

  • Split Strength & Conditioning

    The best of both. Strength exercises followed by an intense full body workout.

  • Open Gym

    Come & use the gym at your own leisure.
    Do what’s on the board or make your own session up.

  • Spinning

    A high intensity workout including sprints, hills & climbs. Building strength & endurance on the bike.

  • Animal Flow

    A ground based movement system made fun & challenging for everyone. Strength, core, mobility & endurance.



  • General Sessions

    Gold Pack – 12 sessions per month @ £45
    Silver Pack – 8 sessions per month @ £35
    Bronze Pack – 5 sessions per month @ £25
    Solo – Single session @ £6

  • Personal Training

    Please contact for info

  • Team Sessions

    Please contact for info

Don’t take our word for it!

At the end of 2019 I’d let myself go a little & really wanted to get in better shape. I started PT sessions & attended some group sessions which pushed me towards committing to the ‘Better Body Challenge’ (Which sadly got cancelled after a couple of weeks due to COVID-19)

So, from home, with the support of Scott, I kept up to training every day & making changes in my diet. From this, I managed to lose a stone in weight & was absolutely buzzing!!!

As soon as the gym re-opened, I was straight back in. Lifting weights, beating personal bests & my body really started to take shape.

I couldn’t have done it without Scott/Elite S&C. The support & encouragement have been amazing & I’ve never felt better about myself.

I wouldn’t train anywhere else now & would highly recommend Scott & Elite S&C to anyone. Goals CAN be achieved & now I’ve seen the results, I’m addicted!!


Your Coaches

Scott Grix

Joe Keyes

Kirsty Moroney

Email: Elitesandc@outlook.com Tel:07834967040 @Elitesandc